Purple & Lime: late May in my garden



Purple. I don’t think it’s a color associated with being “tasteful”. Maybe it would be acceptable to the taste-police if combined with soft silver foliage, or some gentle pastels…but I love it paired with chartreuse. This portion of my garden would be considered “part-sun” to “part-shade” with some spots getting 4 hours of sun and others getting mostly dappled light in the early morning. Bottom left is Bletilla striata or Chinese ground orchid. It’s been happy in my USDA Zone 6 garden for over a decade, expanding happily in clay-loam which rarely dries out. The pops of chartreuse in this spot include the flowers of Alchemilla mollis (lady’s mantle) as well as the arching blades of Hakonechloa macra aureola (Japanese forest grass). I’d like to also proudly point out the effective combination of the grass with an Acanthus (bear’s breeches)- species unknown-purchased 3 years ago and finally becoming a presence in the garden. The contrast between the two plants does not require any flower and will add interest to this spot from now until hard frost.

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