Captivating color combination

If you’ve never visited Chanticleer- a public garden in Wayne PA (just outside of Philadelphia)- you are missing a treat. The container combinations alone are worth the visit. Rather than displaying specimen after specimen of neatly labelled plants without any context for how to make them look awesome in your home garden, Chanticleer’s horticulturalists combine plants in inspiring vignettes. Loved this pairing of dusky purple Fritillaria persica and a buttery yellow tulip. Tulip time at Chanticleer is special. They added a frilly edging of spring green leaf lettuce. Tulips aren’t truly perennial, but with good drainage the Fritillaria is- albeit for years rather than decades (experience in my Zone 6 garden).  In this formal courtyard the tulips will most likely be removed and, while the Fritillaria foliage ripens, a planting of annuals will take center stage for the remainder of the growing season.

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