A start.

For over thirty years I’ve tended this patch of earth. It has taught me so much. Most of all it has provided a respite from anything else happening in my life. No complaints- it’s been a really good life. I was just busy raising 4 children, all now adults. Married to wonderful man who has people “hopping to it” in his day job- boy it’s a shock to his system when he gets home to my more laid back style. He laughs that when I start digging in the dirt I lose track of time. And yes- that is exactly what happens! At the end of the day, when I come inside with dirt clinging to parts of my body that rarely see the light of day, my 60 year old muscles feeling every lift and bend that a gardener must employ….and I have to think about what to make for dinner…ugh. That effortless passage of time reflects the power of the garden and what it can bring to one’s soul.

Photo credit: Ruthanne Bauerle (foxchapelimagesllc.blogspot.com)

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